Kara no Kyoukai 2: Murder Speculation (First Part) By gendomike / August 14, 2008 . Also keep an "eye" on the changing banners. Either there's something wrong with her, or Kokutou is a dodging master himself. t09:31 We see that even as a high schooler, Mikiya doesn't exactly have the most tact. I really hope you recognized this one. Not like I was much better, but at least I wasn’t a zombie. And now Specs and Shiki talk about it. Seems like Mikiya's already working for Touko at this point in time. As a first timer, I'm still a little bit lost, but I think i'm piecing it together. Camping outside her house is a great way to stop her from killing again. production materials 13? No, not really... t22:07 Those cats resemble other ones associated with TYPE-MOON/the Nasuverse. Shiki is outright telling him about the split personality- one’s SHIKI, the other’s Shiki. Even with the context he's pretty much a stalker at this point. I would totally hang out with that side of her. Crap. t03:38 Shiki doesn't remember meeting Mikiya that one winter evening. However wearing blood as lipstick is a bit much. Ryougi Shiki. The u/Kara_no_Kyoukai community on Reddit. fabric 14? [MyAnimeList](http://myanimelist.net/anime/3782/Kara_no_Kyoukai_2:Satsujin_Kousatsu(Zen). 4.6k. 42 Fav. This is really, really weird. Members only. Kara no Kyoukai 42 Fav. Date montage~! Shiki wants to “kill” SHIKI. Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 1) - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes - Crunchyroll t25:52 Mikiya thinks the killer might be getting better and better, more comfortable with killing his/her victims. Mikiya Kokutou. Online. Mikiya’s narrating now- Shiki’s isolating herself way more- also it’s January 1996. They must both be seasoned swordsmen/women. THIS! As Shiki and SHIKI are people who have had to constantly "kill" SHIKI the entirety of their lives, they know how painful it is to have to deny someone of their existence. "Let's mute the voices and show character running around and pointing at things" cliche. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts t17:11 It seems that Shiki inherited something in the Ryougi bloodline that her older brother did not. I'm loving the high top of his friend. So what causes her to snap at this point? My theory so far is that this other "Shiki" is the one doing the murders however the normal Shiki still remembers small amounts in fragments. I guess.". You're a victim and a perpetrator at the same time. The hell? So, SHIKI is the one that was missing in the first movie? The second established the relationship between Shiki and Mikiya and also touched on her dual personality which was quite interesting. I generally won't say which ones, just keep the ones that don't make sense at the back of your head I guess. Still some hints give it that she could be the murder, because why was hurt at the elbow, my guess she got that injury from the training with her father, and the school emblem was there because Shiki visited the murder scene...Or I just don't accept that Shiki is a murderer here... Also first time watching this I didn't really understand why Kokutou was camping in front of the estate, but now I believe he wanted to keep Shiki from going out at night. sparks 6? Dude would fail so hard at being in a horror movie. They had no capacity for feelings. Wow, you got to 12 pages for the 5th movie?! I just point out all the smaller dots that are more easily glossed over to make sure you didn't miss them; I leave it to you to connect them yourselves. thinking that the student from before might have told him and others something about her. Maybe she's biting her thumb/nail to stop SHIKI from taking over and killing Mikiya. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Movie 2 - Murder Speculation (Part One)/Satsujin Kōsatsu (Zen). Enjoy the song by Kalafina and follow along with the lyrics. But a detective agency specializing in paranormal occurrences notices that there are a few glaring, disturbing similarities tying the deceptively unrelated cases together. We know this part about him doesn't really change a whole lot after he grows up (remember the short intro conversation of the first movie where he inadvertently tells Shiki she's not cute during his comparison of strawberries and roses). Keep the silhouette in mind. Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kōsatsu (Zen) / the Garden of sinners Chapter 2: Murder Speculation Part A. Overview: In the winter of 1995, Mikiya Kokutou passes a young woman during a late night stroll in the snow. I’m guessing the latter, considering it’s midday. Looks like they're both still concerned about the other. So it IS Shiki. So that explains the ugly jacket. So Shiki seems to be the murderer, I don't know why he claims to have seen no one, maybe his love for her is that great or he knows something I don't. Meanwhile, Kokutou and some jock guy are talking about Shiki. t02:47 "As you know, our school motto is freedom..." This is why no one's batting an eye at Shiki's kimono. Who’s this old guy, and is he badass? Don't forget the post-credits scene. You are now reading Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners 2 online. t10:17 Our detective friend Daisuke flips up the jacket on the fourth victim to find a taijitu carved into the victim's skin. this is where Shaft got their head tilt from. I think I gave up when the fifth movie was like twelve pages. Mikiya you just need to leave the whole country FUCK, 10th Anniversary Rewatch - Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kōsatsu (Zen) • r/karanokyoukai. We learn later that Shiki is never truly alone because she has SHIKI. I also don't believe that Shiki is the one behind the murders, but she just has a bloody lipstick fetish... Or something. t26:22 A school pin used by students in Mikiya's school was found with the fifth victim's body. At last, in its second installment, the story is beginning to match up to the aesthetic beauty of this film series. They go to have a cappuccino before parting ways, and Mikiya decides to head back to Shiki's place to make sure that the lights were on there (aka to make sure that she was home). smoke 10? I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Seems like Mikiya's already working for Touko at this point in time. So she has an impulse for destruction, no one to act it out on, so she kills? Still we don't have the full picture yet, because who is the real murder and why is Shiki in the hospital? Shiki and SHIKI. Don't forget the post-credits scene. The problem is, that movie brought much more confusion that it erased. They found their inner numbness more tormenting than even the physical pain would be.". :). Archived. t20:21 "She's not the type who'd die because she's lonely, is she?" Now he just looks like a stalker. Probably why she was acting so different on their date. genga 11? I love that he brought a tea thermos. read these after you watch the current movie), and will not spoil anything in the coming movies. presumed 8? Akitaka is Shiki's servant/bodyguard if you don't remember from earlier. نام های دیگر Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners Movie 6, Borderline of Emptiness: Oblivion Recording, The Garden of Sinners: Fairy Tale نوع سینمایی پخش از دیسِمبِر 20, 2008 Uh…. "Kimi no, namae wa", sorry guys I had to. Shiki’s got a butler, and apparently a tendency to go for walks. And also why she didn't remember him at the beginning. reddit (edited by Draconix814) 0. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. 43 Fav. air-bird. This song at the graduation scene (or was that an enrollment scene?) This is where Shaft got their head tilt from. (Info / ^Contact) Faceless Shiki (gotta love art derps) has a flashback. Meanwhile at school, Specs is chatting with friends, and Shiki’s in her robe at school again. As you can see with the other students in the school at places like t6:35, their dress code doesn't seem too strict. I love the piano in this movie. JUMP. So, is Shiki's father a Yakuza head, or some similar organization? You pissed 'cause I'm like an hour late?" They're Neco-Arcs! Jockbro is messing with him about the whole first-name basis thing. 33. Gakuto's pretty perceptive too. Oh hey, blood lining the cracks of the cobblesto-DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOON. We see that his presence seems to comfort her after she smiles to herself waiting besides a humming Mikiya. Wow she doesn't even remember him, was that even her? Red kimono > red jacket, don't even try to deal with that. rotation 9? Join. Things will finally start to pick up, but a fair warning though that for some, there will be some disturbing content in this one. And then he… leans against a pillar and starts humming? So... That was very strange. Wow this film is a lot more gruesome than the first. They’re on the roof now, and Shiki asks why he didn’t tell anyone. Camping out at a girl's house for days on end huh Mikiya? Mikiya says that he was with others having a going-away party for an upperclassman called Shirazumi Lio, and that he had invited Shiki earlier. I think I walk through the empty town because I want to be alone. And the umbrella thing. We take a look into the past of Shiki and Mikiya and find out that Shiki has a split-personality. The story was originally created in 1998 by Nasu Kinoko and Takeuchi Takashi (who later went on to form TYPE-MOON), with the first five chapters being released on their doujin website, whilst the final two chapters were released in August 1999 at Comiket 56. I mean, why kill each other when we can stare at something as beautiful? 197. Idk man the Shiki x Kokutou relationship is so strong it transcends multiple universes, their voice actors Kenichi Suzumura(Kokutou) and Maaya Sakamoto(Shiki) are married IRL if that isn't an OTP i don't know what is. Specs attempts to flirt. kara no kyoukai 73? Category Name Link Size Date; 2 [Yūrei] Kara no Kyoukai Complete (The Garden of Sinners) [BD 1080p x265 10bit Opus]: 41.2 GiB: 2020-09-30 03:38: 14: 4: 328: 15 [Anime Time] Kara No Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners) - Full Series [BD][All Movie][1080p][HEVC 10bit x265][AAC]: 8.5 GiB: 2020-07-20 05:39: 53: 6: 2257 [重制剪辑版][Kara no Kyoukai TV][01][GB_JP][x264 FLAC][1080P][BDRIP][[Skytree] New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Missed Dots | "Murder Speculation (Part A)" / "Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen)", Press J to jump to the feed. You're a victim and a perpetrator at the same time. He casually accuses Shiki of performing them. All the ending songs were written to accompany each movie so their lyrics have special meanings in regards to each. Specs notices this and asks her if she has a moment. Akitaka is Shiki's servant/bodyguard if you don't remember from earlier. If my CRUSH tried to kill me, no matter the circumstances, I'm making sure they never see me ever again. Chapter 2 After working for Touko for about a month and a half, I learned an amusing fact. If she didn't make Shiki want to kill me, that is. Is Shiki having doubts as to whether or not she could be the killer or is she having some sort of internal struggle with SHIKI? Shiki wakes up and checks outside. This was shamelessly prepared beforehand as you can tell. I forgot I did a bunch of running recaps in Word when I first watched these back in February. Thus you know better than anyone else that it's full of sorrow." Mikiya’s lying his ass off to the cops and saying he didn’t see anyone. I wonder if it could be her that does all that murders. She also has strong incorporeal feel to her, maybe meeting female ghosts are everyday routine in Nasuverse. Timestamps will be preceded with a "t" to distinguish between any times presented in the movie, and they are referenced excluding each movie's Cinema Intro. She clearly didn't expect him to be there, . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Bamboo trees make for a cool fight/chase scene. These points will be spoiler-free up until the current movie (aka. t4:35 "I think I wander about in the empty town because I want to be alone... or do I do it because I want to believe I'm alone?" Murder Speculation (First Half). Keep the silhouette in mind. Eep. And then someone stumbles in front of a semi truck and gets pulped. (Yet). Melt my blood--melt my heart. So do I. Shiki: “Hey, Kokutou. Those little things really add up to show's realism. All the that just to tap dat sweet double ass! Schedule / Links to the Rewatch Discussions. Because she knows the pain of murder. Can't wait for the next film. The school puts all extracurricular stuff on hold because murders. Meanwhile, a series of unprecedented murders takes place across Mifune City. t11:43 Shiki was surprised when Mikiya appeared behind her at the entrance. “Be careful, Kokutou. The first movie serves very well as an introduction, but as a standalone movie (conflict, conclusion and everything else), its shit. It's not easy ripping someone's head like this. Mikiya has/had a vision and goes running into the night. I'll leave out explanations on most of the lengthy dialogue portions, which I would probably butcher, and leave them to someone who actually has a degree in Literature. I guess.". Because of his cousin's work as a police investigator, Mikiya is given insight into the investigation. That scene was weird. I don't know. Ryougi Shiki. I don't think she wants to get rid of the witness, she had plenty of chances before he went to the police in the first place. Butler guy tells her that Mikiya’s hanging outside her house. I understand the Garden of Sinners 1-5 were published online serially and 6 and 7 were sold together in Comic Market 56 together. The Kara no Kyoukai series is filled with a huge amount of content, and all of it eventually comes full circle. And Mikiya is still rocking that jumper in the first film. Regular-Shiki is starting to get annoyed with Mikiya. Got an injury “during the last kill." The spoiler'd text will not spoil anything in future movies. There are many smaller, minute context clues that can be missed due to their non or tangential importance in the current story (especially if it's your first time watching) but can give and add insight to many characters or other scenes in the movies, both past and future. Oh hello, Shiki in a red kimono with a knife and swinging at Mikiya. Here we go again. But thanks for putting emphasis on the word "ningen". I was pretty confused at the whole Shiki and SHIKI personalities, but that's Nasu for you, and it isn't even the most confusing thing in this series.... Movie 5.... Oh and Yuki Kaijura continues to just create beautiful symphonies for these films, I could listen to that piano all day. sau... Mulţumeşte pentru episod. 43 Fav. Login Login cu Facebook. It's because she's not actually lonely. Later that spring, Mikiya notices Shiki at his high school entrance ceremony, and they become acquaintances through lunchtime conversations. Because she knows the pain of murder. Mikiya you just need to leave the whole country FUCK, What the hell, Shiki is the person he was visiting in the hospital from the first film, she looks like she's in a coma. t13:29 Something nags at the back of her mind though and she snaps herself back to reality and asks a startled Mikiya where he was just now. Seems he's just as confused as me as to why he didn't tell the police. You're a victim and a perpetrator at the same time. Members. And they’re chatting over tangerines about the murders. There are many smaller, minute context clues that can be missed due to their non or tangential importance in the current story (especially if it's your first time watching) but can give and add insight to many characters or other scenes in the movies, both past and future. Are there any particular rules behind the Shiki/SHIKI split? Seemingly related, these murders are particularly brutal and warrant a large scale police investigation. A meeting in the halls… is averted when they walk right by each other. Concerned for Shiki's safety, Mikiya decides to monitor her actions, but in doing so, he stumbles upon a truly frightening discovery that changes his life forever. Here's my present to you guys. Shiki says “eh let him stay there” and goes to sleep. I really hope you recognized this one. Ufotable could propably stop wars with that scenes. "The Shiki who was never hurt and the SHIKI who only knew hurt. The killer might go to Mikiya's school. t05:23 We see someone's silhouette stumble in front of an oncoming truck, the tires of which splash a puddle of blood onto a nearby vending machine. And because every anime ever needs it, we have shots of a school- and Shiki’s in the kimono there while everyone else is in suits. (seriously though it's really good), We open on Specs walking uphill in the snow. t51:07 We flash forward to June of 1998. This is the discussion thread for Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen), so discuss away! It reminded me of the series of suicides that happened in the previous movie which added the mystery element that I love so much. The hell? The Boundary of Emptiness), is a series that has taken a long time to become well known.

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